Dock Steps

Dock StepsQ. What makes Floating Dock Steps different than other ladder/step systems available? 
A. Floating Dock Steps are actually real steps going in and out of the water at a gentle slope, making them ideal for the safest, most convenient access to the Lake.   

Q. How much weight will Floating Dock Steps hold?
A. They will hold up to 1,500 pounds.

Dock StepsQ. Are they easy to use?
A. Yes, they are very easy to use.  Just walk out onto the steps, and when they submerge into the water, simply insert the steel pin included and enjoy Floating Dock Steps the rest of the day as you get in and out of the water! At the end of the day, after you climb up, pull the pin out and they come back up out of the water, leaving only the encapsulated dock flotation in the water.

Q. What are Floating Dock Steps made out of?
A. The steps are made with heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel with non-skid adhesive material designed to make getting in and out of the water safe and easy for everyone that uses your dock.

Q. Can it be mounted to any type of dock?
A. Yes, we have engineered mounting systems to accommodate any type of dock that we have seen at The Lake of the Ozarks.  If there is a type out there that can't be accommodated, we haven't seen it yet.

Q. What are the size of the steps?
A. Each step is 7" by 30". They are covered with with a non-skid surface to eliminate slipping.

Q. Do Floating Dock Steps take up any valuable dock space?
A. No.  They are mounted off of the side of the dock and they do not use up any of the valuable surface of your dock.

Dock StepsQ. Can Floating Dock Steps be used for any other purposes than just swimming from the dock?
A. Yes, that's part of what makes them so unique. Kids can play on them, people that don't want to get all the way in the water can sit on them and cool off partially submerged in the water, dogs love to play fetch in the water and easily climb up and down the steps. Seasoned citizens that haven't been in the water for years can use them easily to get as far in the water as they want to. There are many ways to use the Floating Dock Steps.

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Floating Dock Steps are mounted to the side of your dock; they do not use up any valuable surface space of your dock.

Constructed with 14-gauge, heavy-duty steel, the steps are safe and secure and built to withstand even the roughest water.

All the steel components are hot dipped galvanized and are designed to sit out of the water while not being used. This makes water corrosion (rusting) virtually impossible, and we back it with a 15-year, no-rust guarantee.

Floating Dock Steps come with a 15-year warranty. If there is ever any kind of problem  with the steps, we will be there to take care of it.Dock Steps

Floating Dock Steps are actual stairs going into the water with hand rails on both sides. They are set at a nice, gentle slope, and you will definitely not feel like you are climbing up and down a ladder.

Each set of Floating Dock Steps has 7" by 30" wide steps covered with our non-skid, adhesive material, making these the safest and easiest way to enjoy the Lake.

Floating Dock StepsThere is no lifting involved to use the Floating Dock Steps. Simply walk out onto the steps, and as they submerge into the water, insert the steel pin that is provided and the steps stay down in the water until you are done using them.  At the end of the day, the last one to use the steps just pulls the pin out and walks up the steps and they raise out of the water automatically. It is very simple.

Because of Floating Dock Steps' heavy-duty construction and gentle slope into the water, they provide easy access to the water to people of all ages and sizes, and if you have a dog that enjoys the water, they will get hours of enjoyment going up and down Floating Dock Steps.

Floating Dock Steps are an affordable way to expand the use of your dock investment. They can be used for so much more than just swimming off of your dock.  Kids like to play on them, adults can comfortably  submerge themselves as far into the water as they feel like going without getting all the way in the water.